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The ugliest website in the world award must go to the Progressive Party. They used to have quite a nice one until recently but now have created this ugly beast of a thing that looks like a dial a pizza site from the late 1990s. They have amazingly even done worse than ACT whose website has the hue and consistency of regurgitated custard and New Zealand First, whose website looks like a fanclub for an ageing Latin American danceband singer . . . which is fairly accurate on reflection.

The Progressive Party is quite simply a waste of time. They have no policies distinguishable from Labour, their leader performed a good job fifteen years ago but is now to all effects and purposes a loyal Labour Party MP in all but name. They don’t achieve anything because they can’t be seen to disagree with Helen Clark. In fact, they serve only to block the regeneration of a real, democratic socialist party like the Alliance. I can say this because in my time I delivered lots of leaflets for Jim. Many thousands. The guy turned out to be a terrible disappointment. He should rejoin Labour, but he won’t, because he can’t handle not being the main man. Even if its the main man of the Progressive Party . . .

They had a young guy run in Dunedin North last time, whose name I forget and who gave one terrible speech at the University. He kept on telling me I had to “play the game” to “get anywhere.” With ideals and radical fire like this, the Progressive Party is neither Progressive nor a Party. More meaningless and a dull, dull time.

Written by Victor

September 30, 2008 at 10:16 am

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