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Giving pragmatic conservatism a bad name

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The 6 October 2008 issue of Critic has a lengthy article about the Dunedin North candidates including Mr Michael Woodhouse, the National Party candidate, who is CEO of a local private hospital. Mr Woodhouse is obviously the type of leader that New Zealand needs, as displayed by his following published comments:

“I would call myself a pragmatic conservative . . . when I was here [at uni] it was a competition of who could dress down the most . . . Now it’s a bloody fashion show . . . I love spring around here, it’s bloody fantastic, the skirts were never this short in my day.”

“Better not print that,” he added.

Written by Victor

October 6, 2008 at 10:47 am

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  1. […] Apart from that, everything seem pale in comparison. David Parker yelled a bit at the end but I can’t remember what about. Dunedin South National candidate Conway Powell got his policies wrong and was corrected by a smiling Dunedin North National candidate Mike Woodhouse. After the long suffering Conway got beaten down the National Party list by new boy Mike, it must be even more galling for him to be corrected in front of a hooting crowd. Conway was all over the place tonight as he tried to give what sounded suspiciously like a left wing Keynesian analysis of the National Party’s new finance programme. Mike Woodhouse managed a trademark smooth recovery from someone in the crowd reading out his embarrassing quote from the Critic magazine. […]

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